The Why of Scrum (Tobias Mayer)

  • full day experience
  • focusing on principles and values
  • designed for any Scrum practitioners


One day workshop “The Why of Scrum” is an experience that looks beyond Scrum rules and process and into the heart of Scrum, drawing out its meaning and purpose and helping you understand its transformative power.

Attempting to change from a command-and-control culture, to a collaborate-and-release culture, and to understand the complex nature of the people and systems problems requires a very different way of thinking. Similar to a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly, this change requires, not a gradual shift but a total breakdown of the current paradigm and the building of a new mind, a new approach.

To ensure a meaningful learning experience these workshops use a blend of lecture, dialog and interactive exercises—with an emphasis on the latter. It is through exploring ideas physically that participants come to embody the learning, rather than just understanding it.

  • Tobias has developed the capacity of Truthfulness to a degree not often found in software development. If you are afraid you are not getting the real picture from the people around you, Tobias will help you cut through the cruft and expose the reality... and he will do it kindly and respectfully!

    Mishkin Berteig (Co-Founder and President, Berteig Consulting Inc.) about The Why Of Scrum

Goal and expected result

This workshop is intended to challenge people to rethink Scrum for themselves, thus there is no defined learning outcome. What you learn will depend on where you are now and where you'd like to go. You are more likely to leave with new/different questions than with answers—curiosity is a pre-requisite for continuous improvement.

Focusing on the principles beneath the framework and process, and encouraging you to reach into your own personal value system to draw out meaning, this workshop will have you challenge how you show up for work, and what you believe it means to "do Agile".

Target Group

The Why of Scrum is not role-restricted. It is for any practitioner of Scrum, whether Scrum Master, Product Owner, team member, or manager/director/executive supporting a Scrum transition — i.e. all those who take Scrum seriously and wish to leverage its values, principles and overall philosophy towards the creation of a meaningful and productive workplace.

  • Tobias is a master in shifting perspectives and producing long-lasting learning outcomes.

    Anna Rondina (Change and Transformation Agent) about The Why Of Scrum

Additional Information

This course is taught in English. During workshop we will serve lunch and coffee break.